Smart systems from smart data

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- Companies can have many diverse sources of data that they create and accumulate on a massive scale: it therefore takes special know-how to interpret this data effectively.

Thanks to our specialists’ unique expertise, we can identify and analyze invaluable information for community organizations.

410G$ global market for the Internet of Things in health

3,33G$ globally for objects connected to smart cities

19,7G$ spent globally on smart cities



Better information for better decisions

Whether collected with an integrated management solution or a management/software combo, interactions with your customers, employees and partners produce meaningful data.

This data can guide your strategic and operational choices that will keep your business viable well into the future.



More accurate data makes you more customer-responsive

Digital technologies streamline claims for insurance companies thanks to faster customer communication and more personalized quotes. We help you base your services on predictive models, which is key to competitiveness in this industry.

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Better structure your transportation networks

Recent developments in open data provide access to a wealth of information that can benefit the transportation sector.

Improve your transportation services thanks to enhanced monitoring of your infrastructure and services. This closer monitoring also lets you improve the safety and efficiency of urban travel for the users of your network


Smart Cities

Technology serving people

We will help you implement best practices in data management so that you can innovate to deliver local services faster and more easily. Tackle your community challenges thanks to connected objects and the information they collect.

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We want to give our clients the best the industry has to offer.

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A data centre of excellence that continuously monitors the industry’s best practices.

In a constantly evolving field like IT, you have to stay on top of the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and business intelligence.

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