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Aware that all data is precious, our BI consultants work to target, enhance and exploit data to make it more meaningful to the decision-makers who analyze it! Our expertise :

  • Implementing your BI solution by analyzing your data and modeling it according to your business rules
  • Providing advice on the technologies to be used and setting up the necessary infrastructures to deliver a reliable solution that meets your needs
  • Migration of your BI solution to the cloud through iterative approaches ensuring maximum elasticity

Drawing on the expertise of our certified consultants and our partnerships with leading BI platform providers, Momentum will support you in the implementation of your solutions, whether you're creating a new solution or upgrading your existing one!

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La BI, au coeur du pilotage de votre entreprise

Our Business Intelligence team has mastered the art of manipulating data using appropriate methods and technologies to create a more decision-oriented data pool. We can help you to:

  • Understand your needs and make suggestions from an analytical perspective
  • Propose an infrastructure best suited to your needs
  • Implement the data lifecycle process
  • Present data in a business-oriented way, making it more usable and relevant for decision-makers.

Small details can make a big difference. BI enables you to move from large-scale macro-data to more precise indicators. These indicators then enable you to make a better analysis of different situations, foresee possible changes and anticipate actions to be taken!

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As your business grows, so does your data

As your business grows, so does the amount of data you collect, which can become increasingly cumbersome and costly to process. What's more, as your data sources become increasingly diversified, our team of specialists can support you in :

  • Modernize your data warehouses
  • Adapt data processing to your changing needs
  • Exploit your data, whatever its format or source.
  • Carry out digital transformations to ensure data continuity.

Our Business Intelligence experts put their know-how at your disposal to advise and support you through the various stages of implementing your BI solution.

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The cloud, a solution for modernizing your data warehouse

Data processing tools are evolving and becoming more and more powerful to meet the needs that arise. Our specialists understand these challenges and can offer you effective solutions such as:

  • Cloud implementation
  • Use of datalakes and cloud services
  • Adopting cloud governance methods to guarantee the confidentiality of processed data.

These solutions can save you time and money, and give you greater flexibility and agility. Our experts can help you make the right choices for your business.

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