MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES wins the RID Diversity Award!

On October 5, MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES was awarded the “Trophée RID de la Diversité” at the “13th Rencontres internationales de la diversité”.


The award, presented by the selection committee of the Rencontres internationales de la Diversité, recognizes the innovative practices in integrating people from diverse cultures, religions and nationalities that MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES has been implementing for several years.

Indeed, “many of our resources come from all over the world. In fact, they represent almost 25 different nationalities!” says Mr. Ganache, President of MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES.

But MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES does more than just hire from outside its borders, it promotes a healthy, discrimination-free working environment and actively participates in the integration of its resources from foreign countries by offering them training and helping them with the recognition of their diplomas and career paths.

MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES is very proud of this recognition, which underlines the excellent work of its entire HR team, and would like to thank all its foreign employees who have placed their trust in the company during their immigration and integration process in their new country.