MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES: Intelligent data management

Companies have no choice but to manage, analyze, and interpret data with performance indicators. Whether you run a factory, business, bank, insurance company, or government department, data is the beating heart of your business intelligence. “Our team of 200 seasoned professionals are specialists in strategic data management,” said Mohamed Guetat, who serves as the new president of Momentum Technologies with his 13 associates, including 10 new associates who came on board after the company’s succession process.


Mohamed Guetat, président directeur général

« We support our clients with their digital transformation projects by assessing their needs and guiding their implementation of IT solutions. We help them develop these solutions and manage their data efficiently, effectively and securely. The goal of our strategy is to help them extract maximum value from their data »,he continued.

No matter what system they use, companies are constantly amassing invaluable data, which can then be evaluated with performance indicators.

Artificial intelligence

« We help our clients decide on performance indicators based on business intelligence. We also help them implement these systems. We are there throughout the entire chain of managing, manipulating and analyzing data. We are the Quebec data experts », said Mr. Guetat.

If clients own their own servers and databases, Momentum can provide a managed infrastructure service either with the client’s own tools or a cloud solution. The company offers 24-7 service with a team that works remotely. If a client has to hire more IT resources but finds recruiting difficult, Momentum can fill this need with its outsourced technical teams.

«Our technical service is just one facet of our expertise,” he added. “We have teams for management system development and for all data within those systems. We work with many types of businesses.»

The process starts with a preliminary needs analysis to determine scenarios and projects for the short term and for a horizon of a few years depending on the need to collaborate with staff on site.

«Our vision is to partner with our clients,” Mr. Guetat continued. “The goal of this support is to help clients get the results they want and create value for their company.»

At the pandemic-ready

Given the high need for remote work during the pandemic, Momentum jumped in to help its clients organize their technology to manage staff remotely. In most cases, Momentum was able to find ways to help its clients evaluate work using performance indicators.

«Companies need IT to manage staff remotely. You need to exploit and use your data efficiently, whether for business decisions or to continue your operations despite the constraints of telecommuting», stressed Mr. Guetat.

To illustrate the usefulness of AI and data management, he gave the example of a system put in place for Emploi-Québec that improves networking between employers and job seekers. The system personalizes the job seeker’s user experience to show offers based on their browsing data on the employment site.

« AI connects the user’s preferences with data from other searches in the same industry to refine the list of available jobs and propose recommendations similar to the person’s original search. Data analysis is the key to success », conclut M. Mohamed Guetat.


  • Nearly de 200 employees
  • Employees from de 20 different nationalities. 
  • 70 % government contracts
  • 30 % contracts with private companies


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