Momentum story - Rogelio Trujillo's profile

20 years in a company means 20 years of dedication, but above all 20 years of passion.

As we enter our 21st year of existence, we wanted to highlight the employees who have helped build Momentum Technologies by working for the company since its inception. In this article, we'd like to introduce you to Rogelio Trujillo, now a shareholder and director at Momentum.



Rogelio Trujillo

After three months of trying to leave Mexico and move to Quebec with his wife, Rogelio arrived in 2001 to work in IT. With a bachelor's degree in computer science and plenty of experience as an IT department manager in Mexico, Rogelio was technically ready to work, but even with immersion and francization courses, he didn't feel his level of French was adequate for the job. That's why he decided to enroll at Cégep de Limoilou in a computer science program to apply his French to the IT field! It was an internship as part of his course that led him to Momentum Technologies in 2003. 

In an interview with Rogelio, we asked him: “Why did you choose Momentum?

“A wonderful combination of circumstances. It was during an initial interview for an internship that I was referred to someone who was setting up a new company. So I interviewed with my wife in a basement with Michel Ganache and Yvan Robert, two of the founders of Momentum Technologies! They said: “We'll take you for your internship! My first project was to create timesheets for the company. I didn't think I'd stay there to be honest, but at the end of my internship, they offered me a position on assignment as a Functional Analyst, and that's when I decided to give it a go.” 

With adapting to the lifestyle, the Quebec work environment, the cultural and social differences to experience in addition to being in a young company, we asked her the question, “Why continue to choose Momentum then and still today?”

“I love learning! I want to keep learning, and working as a consultant allows me to change context and always learn new things. In my early days, changing projects allowed me to learn a lot about the French language. I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with different people from different regions and countries, and this enabled me to learn a lot of new expressions, accents and much more. The various projects I took part in also taught me new vocabulary, from transportation and education to fishing and finance, to name but a few! I consider myself fortunate to work in a field that allows me not only to learn, but to add value on a daily basis. Rubbing shoulders with people of different trades, ages and experience allows me to see and compare different perspectives on the same subject. Now I have a management role that involves coaching and teaching. This new role brings a lot to my professional life.

In addition to learning, when I arrived at Momentum, they offered me a core group who supported me. So I got involved in various committees and activities to offer that same support to others. 

My passion for my work isn't just limited to daily learning; I love helping people to do things more easily. I get great satisfaction from helping organizations save time, minimize work and increase efficiency.”

His big heart and passion have pushed him ever further in his work, but: “What's the tip or secret to staying with the same company for so long?”

“I don't think there's any secret, but just like in a marriage, a relationship needs both parties to get involved to make it work. You have to get involved and find what you like. Then you need to communicate this to your employer, so that he in turn can help you achieve your balance. Communication is the basis of any good relationship, whether personal or professional. It's true that I've had my ups and downs in this adventure, but communication and mutual investment have enabled me to always find the positive in this relationship.”

Someone so passionate and dedicated must have passions in their personal life, can you tell us a little about this side of you? 

“I'm passionate about moving and spending quality time with my loved ones and colleges and obviously having fun with others. So I like to share my passions either by organizing sports activities like soccer, running or camping with my family. When I lived in Mexico, I enjoyed rafting, scuba diving and mountain biking. Now, with my family and loved ones, I'm more into city biking, kayaking, hiking and downhill skiing to enjoy the nature that surrounds us!”

We hope this story inspires you as much as it does us to find your balance in your career.
Thank you Rogelio for 20 great years with Momentum, and we wish you continued learning, growth and movement.